VirtualZero Applications
Password Generator

Instantly create safe and secure passwords to help protect your data online.

Convert IMG to PDF

Easily convert an image (jpg, ,jpeg, jpe, png, svg, gif, bmp) file to PDF format for free.

Convert WAV to MP3

Convert a WAV file to a high quality MP3 by leveraging the LAME MP3 Encoder.

Sanitize YouTube

Watch distraction-free YouTube videos. Simply paste a video link to experience YouTube, sanitized.


Search the web in style with this elegant, classy, and distraction-free home page for your web browser.

Easy PGP

Instantly password-protect your important data with the industry standard in encryption - PGP.


Discreetly transfer sensitive data by password-protecting and embedding a secret message within and image.


Upload an image and turn that old monitor into an elegant screen saver with time, weather, news, and more.