Our Process

May 10, 2018

VirtualZero’s main goal is to ensure your website works for you by generating tons of traffic, attracting new customers, and ultimately increasing your profit. Our process is simple yet effective, and always results in a successful website launch.


Before even signing a contract with us, VirtualZero begins exploring your current website (don’t worry if you don’t have one yet). While exploring, we test your website’s speed, architecture, mobile optimization, and use of relevant keywords for search engine optimization. Google changes its search engine algorithm 500-600 times a year, and now penalizes websites that are slow loading, mobile unfriendly, or architecturally insecure. For this reason, how your website looks behind the scenes matters just as much as how it looks from the end user’s perspective. By researching and understanding your website’s current architecture, we can start planning ways to improve it. Your website’s deficiencies need to be understood first, so we can seamlessly integrate fixes into your website’s code during the development phase.


Our team will begin developing a website layout and theme for you to review. You can be as involved in or as removed from this process as you like. Some clients provide marketing material, pictures, logos, and color pallets for us to use before we begin, while others prefer our in-house graphic designer create a custom logo and artwork for them. Either way, our goal is always to ensure your website is not only architecturally secure on the back-end but also visually appealing in a way that draws customers in and decreases your website’s bounce rate (the rate at which customer’s quickly leave your website for another).


The development phase is where the actual coding happens. Every aspect of this phase will be completed by our team of local developers, and we will keep you updated as we progress. Our team will implement the agreed upon design and custom business driven features, like a way for customers to pay using PayPal, write a review, purchase a product, or book an appointment. Throughout every aspect of the development process, we continually and painstakingly test to ensure everything works flawlessly.


Even though we continually test throughout the development process, we always go through a completed website once more, because we want your website to be perfect. We also want to make sure your website is user-friendly and easy to use. Although the features may be working correctly, if we find a feature could be improved in some way, we will make changes. Our testing process also involves ensuring your website loads in under 3 seconds, is perfectly optimized for mobile use, is architecturally sound, and is SEO optimized for ultimate organic traffic to your business.


You always have the final say once we finish your website, and we encourage clients to get a thorough feel for their new website by clicking through each page and using its features. We are always happy to make changes to better reflect your vision if you find something you would like changed. Once your website is finalized, we can handle deployment, hosting and maintaining your website for you, because our goal is to ensure your time is spent on your business and not worrying about the technical aspects of your website. Not all hosts are created equal, and which one someone chooses affects the speed, efficiency, and cost of the website. This affect how well your website ranks with search engines, so having a great website without a good host, can have a negative impact on overall traffic.


VirtualZero is happy to offer maintenance plans, and our team has a dedicated developer that focuses only on maintaining existing websites for clients. Maintenance can include content changes, scheduled updates, website security, continual backup, photo gallery updates, checking link quality, monitoring SEO ranking and optimization, Google Analytics, social sharing, database optimization, technical and e-commerce support, updating sitemaps, and so much more.