What Is Plex Media Server?

June 11, 2018
What Is Plex Media Server?

What Plex Does

The way we consume our media has changed dramatically over the past few years. Streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, and Spotify have in large part replaced physical media like DVDs and CDs. There are many advantages to streaming media and the medium is here to stay, but streaming our media through these avenues also means we must pay for a quality internet connection. More importantly, streaming media from these sources means we do not own or physically possess the media. Without paying for high-speed internet connections and subscription fees to our favorite media streaming services, we would have no access to media at all. Plex bridges the gap between media streaming and media ownership with its open source, cross-platform media software.

How Plex Works

Plex Media Server is a free and open source software that allows users organize and stream their entire media library from one source. Once a media library is properly named and organized according to their thorough installation documentation, Plex Media Server can be installed on any Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, or compatible NAS device. This means that old computer tower in the garage can be revived as an awesome, personal media server for your home. Once Plex Media Server is installed on the system of your choice, it will pull relevant information for every media file in your library, including photos, bios, tour dates, and much more.

Access to Your Media

With Plex Media Server installed, accessing your media could not be easier. Your media is accessible from inside and outside of your home, on virtually any device. Plex has client software for iPhone, Android, Windows, Mac, Amazon Fire, and many more. Even without a Plex client, the Plex Media Server can be accessed through any web browser, meaning your content is always accessible. The interface of the Plex Web App is beautiful and organized. Options and settings are easy to find and features like the ability to create playlists put the product over the top. Additionally, both Plex Media Server and the clients are extremely reliable and have never failed me. Plex also offers media library sharing between friends meaning that you can grow the size of your media library exponentially for no cost or additional work on your part. To learn more about what Plex can do for you and your media, click here.

Our Experience

We use Plex Media Server every day in the office to create a positive and productive work environment. We control what songs are played by creating playlists, and we never have to endure commercial breaks. It does what we want, when we want it to. The best part of Plex Media Server is that it is completely free and self-hosted on our internal network. It uses no bandwidth provided by our ISP like Pandora or Spotify. In addition, our Plex Media Server is accessible from outside of the office as well. We can stream our favorite music, commercial free, on our daily commutes or even at home.

Take Control

VirtualZero is proud to offer the installation and configuration of Plex Media Server and its various clients in your home or office for as little as $180. Take control of your media today.

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