Mars Maintenance Package

Your website is your business's digital store. Brick and mortar businesses will change over time to display new products, advertise sales, and attract and retain customers and your website should be no different. An ongoing maintenance plan ensures your website is continually attracting customers by monitoring website analytics, updating information about your products and services, and swapping out pictures and advertisements so your brand remains current. VirtualZero's Mars Monthly Maintenance package includes all the components necessary for a successful and growing website while ensuring your website is always secure, optimized, and contributing to your business's success.

Mars Maintenance Package Includes:

• SSL Certificates
• Malware/Virus Removal
• Website Content Updates & Revision
• Navigation Updates
• Link Updates
• Performance Monitoring

• 24 Hour Emergency Assistance
• Website Migration
• Email, Domain, & Hosting support
• WordPress Theme Updates

• Website Backups
• Phone Support
• Image Maintenance
• Social Media Maintenance
• Security Updates
• Server Management

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