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VirtualZero offers a complete range of web design services that will take your business from design to deployment and beyond. We are local to Tampa and employ an in-house graphic designer to create custom logos and graphics for your business. We also offer custom WordPress and E-commerce websites, monthly maintenance plans, domain registration, hosting with Amazon Web Services (AWS), custom database design, SEO, and more.

  • more_vertCustom WordPress Websites

    Custom WordPress Websites

    WordPress now powers 30% of websites and is the perfect economic solution to website design without compromising user experience and visual appeal. We can customize every aspect of your WordPress website so it meets your business needs and fits your brand’s image. WordPress offers thousands of useful plugins that we are experienced in implementing, like WooCommerce, to turn your WordPress website into an E-commerce powerhouse and Yoast SEO to maximize traffic to your website. We can create a custom package tailored to your business needs, or we offer a basic Pluto WordPress Package that includes everything needed for a successful WordPress website, including deployment, maintenance, social media integration, contact forms, a custom logo created by our in-house graphic designer, and more. All websites are fast-loading, responsive across all devices, and optimized for SEO with keyword-rich content, plugins, XML sitemaps, and Google Analytics built in.

  • more_vertCustom E-commerce & “From Scratch” Websites

    Custom E-commerce & “From Scratch” Websites

    VirtualZero is one of the few web design companies in Tampa to build websites from scratch with custom front and back-end code, like our personal VirtualZero website you’re using now, which was built with Python, Materialize, JavaScript, and a few other languages. Although building from scratch websites are more labor intensive and require strong programming knowledge, the benefits are enormous. While WordPress offers thousands of useful plugins, it is not yet capable of managing large custom databases or complex software, like asset tracking systems, used in many E-commerce websites. Our from scratch websites offer your business the unique ability to implement custom designed software that helps your business work for you while maintaining lightning fast speed and visual appeal. We are also able to implement stunning visuals and custom animations to engage users using Bootstrap, Materialize, JavaScript, and other front end languages and frameworks. We are happy to work with you to create the perfect package and plan for your website, or we offer a Neptune Launch Package, which includes everything needed to launch your custom, from scratch website. Our Neptune Launch Package also offers maintenance, deployment, and hosting with Amazon Web Services (AWS).

  • more_vertGraphic & Logo Design

    Graphic & Logo Design image

    We want to make web design as simple as possible for our clients, which is why we are happy to offer in-house custom logo and graphic design for your website or promotional materials. When designing websites, our graphic designer collaborates with us to create a custom logo that fits your brand’s image and website design and will gladly consult with you to ensure your vision is reflected in the final design. We always offer logo and graphic design revisions, and are happy to spruce up old logos or convert them to vector images so that no matter how large or small your logo is, all of its lines, curves, and points remain crisp and smooth.

  • more_vertBusiness Card Design

    Business Card Design

    Business cards are often your first impression when networking or prospecting new business. Our in-house graphic designer will work with you to ensure the design process is smooth and your business card reflects your logo, brand image, or vision, or consult with you to develop a new, cutting-edge design.

  • more_vertSEO


    Having a great website that draws customers to your business is only half the battle. The other half is ensuring that when customers search for keywords related to your business, your website shows up at the top of search engine results. SEO is not simply a click of a button or plugin you implement and walk away from. It’s a multifaceted strategy that involves a number of ethical, white-hat SEO techniques we implement over time. For this reason, we have created a page dedicated to explaining our process and some of the tools we use like keyword and competitor research, Google Analytics, backlinks and citations, and developing keyword-rich content, in detail, which can be found here.

  • more_vertAPI Integration

    API Integration

    Application Programming Interfaces or APIs let developers integrate features provided by other services or companies into your website. An example of API integration is Google Maps location data, Amazon ‘Buy Now’ buttons, on-website Twitter posting, and Weather Underground real-time temperature and forecasting data. The examples are endless, and almost every major website uses some type of API to power their website. Our team of in-house developers is skilled at API integration and has worked with numerous company APIs to integrate them seamlessly into websites. APIs really bring websites alive by increasing user engagement and ultimately traffic to your website, so we are excited to always offer custom API integration services to our clients.

  • more_vertDeployment & Hosting with Amazon Web Services (AWS)

    Deployment & Hosting with Amazon Web Services (AWS)

    Handling deployment and hosting in-house with AWS (which is what Dow Jones, SAP, and Netflix use) lets us make the entire web design process, from design to deployment and beyond, simple, fast, and efficient for our clients. Deployment and hosting through us is not required, but we do offer it, since this can be one of the most complex and important aspects related to how your website performs. We chose AWS because they offer scalable, enterprise level hosting solutions along with top-notch security at a very low cost. They offer unparalleled customer support, and their services require no commitment, so as soon as you stop a server, you won’t be billed starting from the very next hour. We are extremely skilled at working with AWS and consider it a forte of ours. We can create and implement a custom firewall for added security if needed, cloud services, and more. AWS servers hosting VirtualZero developed websites are located at AWS data servers on the East Coast and have an uptime of greater than 99.99%, which is the best in the business.

  • more_vertDatabase Design & Integration

    Database Design & Integration

    Storing data is an essential function for many websites. The kind of data gathered, processed, or saved varies wildly between websites as does the methods and scheme needed. For websites requiring data preservation, many of the one size fits all web solutions simply will not work. We offer custom database design so that the databases used in your website will be optimized for simple, customizable queries. From saving basic information about website visitors to complete asset management solutions, we will design and integrate the perfect database solution so that your website works for you. Some of the database systems we have designed in the past include a ticketing management system and complex asset tracking system for Hillsborough Community College’s main campus. The ticketing management and asset tracking system are used by HCC’s Computer Science Department.

  • more_vertMaintenance & Services

    Maintenance & Services

    An ongoing maintenance plan ensures your website is continually attracting customers by monitoring website analytics, updating information about your products and services, and swapping out pictures and advertisements so your brand remains current. We offer maintenance plans with all VirtualZero designed website or as a standalone service for preexisting ones. Our Mars Month Maintenance Package includes all the components necessary for a successful and growing website while ensuring you website is always secure, optimized, and contributing to your business’s success. To learn more about what the Mars Monthly Maintenance Package includes, click here.

  • more_vertTechnical Support

    Technical Support

    As technologies continue to evolve, businesses are frequently finding they need a one-time service keep their website or business technologies running. If your business has a preexisting website but is not yet secure, or if you need any type of one-time technical support, website maintenance, hosting and deployment assistance, or complex database or server maintenance, our Saturn Services Package is the perfect solution. Choose only what you need from a collection of services and pay by the hour. Many of our services cannot be found anywhere else in the Tampa area, and our entire VirtualZero team is local, never outsourced, and committed to ensuring your business is technologically secure and up to date. To learn more about what the Saturn Services Package offers, click here.

  • more_vertCopywriting


    Good website content may be one of the most overlooked aspects of web design. However, if your website’s content doesn’t communicate your message or why a customer should purchase your products or services effectively, sales and traffic may not be as high as it could be with strong, clear, key-word rich content. Content plays a role in how well your website ranks in search engine results, so working with our team to ensure your website’s content is sound and optimized for SEO is a service we happily offer. To read some of our original content, please visit our blog where you can find unique tutorials and articles demonstrating our content writing abilities.

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